Why You Should Always Use A Qualified Electrician

It can be tempting to fix your minor electrical problems, especially if you’re an avid DIY enthusiast. The truth is that this isn’t wise, as even minor electrical issues can have more serious ramifications if not handled properly and professionally. 

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that around 75 people a year are killed by electric shocks, with 73% occurring at home. There are over 1,000 electrical medical emergencies requiring hospitalisation a year, the majority of which are caused by a lack of the proper materials and equipment.

Thankfully, it’s not hard to find a top-class qualified electrician in Melbourne, so we highly recommend you go that route rather than attempt anything yourself.

The advantages of hiring qualified Electricians

Any electrical work that involves your home or office’s mains power is hazardous. Whether it’s fixing a faulty light switch or rewiring a house, you run the risk of shocking yourself or creating a dangerous electrical fire. A qualified electrician has the knowledge and experience to safely handle the work, bringing numerous benefits to the table.

Proper, safe installation

Even if it doesn’t cause a fire, improper electrical installation can seriously damage your home circuitry, no matter how seemingly easy it looks. If there are any configuration errors, it can result in overheating at any point in the circuit. 

The consequent breakdowns can be costly, as you’ll need to get a professional electrician in if they occur. To add insult to injury, you’ll typically pay more for the repairs than you would have paid for professional installation in the first place.

Incorrect installation can also lead to more severe consequences, such as shortages that can lead to a fire. Such fires can go undetected until it is too late.

Efficiency and skill

Using a qualified Melbourne electrician will fix your problem as expeditiously as possible. It will take far less time for a professional to diagnose and sort out the issue than if you try to do it yourself. They’ve seen all the likely scenarios and have the skill to identify and solve electrical faults quickly.

They also know how to work efficiently while considering the utmost safety standards. They have the correct tools for specific jobs, usually insulated, and wear purpose-made rubber gloves for further protection.

Qualifications and experience

An experienced and qualified electrician already knows the basic layout of your electrical system and has the know-how and training to deal with anything that could impact this circuitry. In addition to their professional qualifications, they must hold an A Grade electrician’s  licence. . 

This gives you a solid layer of trust and peace of mind – you can sleep easy at night knowing there are no hidden gremlins in your home’s electrical system that could cause something to go wrong.

Cost savings through future-proofing

If you call in a qualified electrician at the first sign of any trouble with your electrical system, you can save a small fortune in future costs, prevention is better than cure. A professional will be able to predict any problems that could occur down the line due to what may seem to be a small issue at the moment and fix it in a way that will prevent them.

Guarantee of quality

Any certified and qualified electrician in Melbourne must provide a guarantee of their work. This not only gives you confidence in the quality of the job; it also protects you from further expense if something does happen to still niggle and you need to call them back in.

Compliance with regulations

It’s very important to ensure that any electrical work you undertake is in compliance with Victoria state regulations and Australian national law. Certified electricians will thoroughly test and inspect your entire circuitry once they have fixed the immediate problem to ensure that it complies with the necessary codes.

Government assurance

When you use a certified Melbourne electrician you have recourse to the oversight authorities if you experience anything that concerns you about the standards of their work. If you’re not satisfied or suspect that something is unsafe, you can contact Energy Safe Victoria or lodge a complaint with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Liability protection

A certified and licensed electrician will have professional insurance to cover on-the-job injuries, which means you won’t be liable for costs, even though the injury happened on your property. If you use an unlicensed electrician without all their insurance ducks in a row, you could be looking at some very costly liability should something injurious happen.

Tips and advice

If you bring in a professional electrician, they will likely advise you on how your electrical problem arose and how to prevent it from recurring. They may also pick up other potential issues that could cause your problems and pre-emptively fix them.

Easier to sell your property

As we know, you’ll need an electrical certificate of compliance should you want to sell your home. Having any work you need doing by qualified and licensed electricians will ensure that you’ll have no trouble obtaining this.

Access to the latest technology

A qualified electrician on the ball will be up to date on the latest technology available in the field. They can point out if some of your components are outdated and recommend the appropriate replacements. This can improve the safety and efficiency of your electrical system.

Furthermore, they will have undergone regular training to ensure they are au fait with new electrical codes. They will be aware of changes to safety regulations and new legal requirements, ensuring that you are compliant.

Find a qualified electrician in Melbourne

You don’t need to look further than here for a reliable and professionally qualified electrician in Melbourne. At STL Electrical, we have the depth of experience and the latest expertise to ensure safe, efficient and cost-effective service, no matter the type or size of your electrical fault. 

Contact us as soon as you think you have a problem so we can quickly diagnose it and prevent further damage.

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