24 Hour Electrical Service

Reliable Emergency Electricians Available in Melbourne from STL Electrical

Are you looking for a professional emergency electrician to solve your problem at an affordable price? With a highly experienced team of electricians available 24 hours a day, we can come and fix the issue in no time. We can help you with all kinds of electrical services such as indoor lighting, outdoor lighting and security lighting and more. To speak to a member of our team for a free no obligation estimate, contact us now.

What can STL Electrical help you with?

Whether you are a domestic or commercial customer, we provide a wide array of electrical services and installations, including:

  • 24 hour emergency call out
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Clipsal safety switches
  • Clipsal smoke alarms
  • Security lighting
  • Hot water systems
  • Stoves and ovens
  • Garden lighting and ponds
  • TV antennas and outlets
  • Lighting plans and installation

Do you need an emergency electrician to help you today?

If you have an electrical issue that needs to fixed as soon as possible, then STL Electrical can help. We can visit you the same day you call and you can rest assured knowing our electricians are fully qualified and insured. For help with outdoor or indoor lighting, contact our team now.

Indoor and outdoor lighting

Wherever your lighting needs are located, STL Electrical can expertly mend or install all kinds of lighting. Let our electricians illuminate your property’s interior or brighten up your exteriors darkest corners.

Clipsal Safety Switches

When it comes to safety in your property, a Clipsal safety switch can help give you peace of mind. A Clipsal safety switch continually monitors the electrical current flowing through your property. The switch will activate in the case of a faulty appliance, stopping the flow of electrical current. This protects against an electrical shock which could result in death.

Clipsal Smoke Alarms

Making sure that your property has a reliable smoke alarm could not be more important. The Clipsal smoke alarm is industry renowned for being exceptionally reliable in all environments. They come in different models to suit all domestic or commercial needs and can help save lives in a dangerous situation.

Security Lighting

Do you want to deter unwanted intruders from entering your property? Ensuring your property has sufficient security lighting could save you the hassle of a break in. STL Electrical has security lighting that is perfect for both domestic and commercial customers at a competitive price.

Hot Water Systems

Are you interested in having as much hot water as you want when you want? Our hot water systems are able to supply you with hot water when you need it. This means you can leave out the costs of a traditional boiler and save money.

Stoves and Ovens

If you own an electric stove or oven and need assistance with it’s installation or it’s repair, we can help. No matter what brand you are thinking about, you can be sure that our electricians are on hand. We can give you a free estimate for any electrical work you need on your oven or stove today.

Garden Lighting and Ponds

Do you enjoy relaxing in your garden during the evening and enjoying the view?
STL Electrical has a wide range of stunning pond and garden lighting from the leading brands. Our experienced electricians can light up your garden to create your ideal outdoor area.

TV Antennas and Outlets

Have you been thinking about installing a new TV in a room but there is no outlet? Our skilled electricians can help weave wiring through your property with minimal invasion, so you can watch TV wherever you want. If you want crystal clear TV reception then we can fit a new high-quality antenna to replace your old one at an affordable price.

Lighting Plans and Installations

If you require a large overhaul of your lighting system, we can help you with a comprehensive planning service. Our fully qualified team can visit your property, plan your new lighting system and help with any installation you require. We serve domestic and commercial customers and can take on any commission both large and small.

To find out more about STL Electrical, visit the About US page. If you would like a free no obligation estimate for outdoor or indoor lighting, contact us now.

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